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Fran's Corner December 2002

Thanksgiving is coming, then Christmas; a busy time of the year.  We have only two more times to be together this year.  2003 seems so far away, not true, just a few weeks away. Our first trip this year is to Jackie Shaws Home.  We are very lucky to be so close to her, and to be invited to share the Christmas spirit with her family.  Cant get any better than that!  You are also invited to paint a mail box and deliver it to Jackies on our trip.  Any color will be fine, I have been using Air Dry Enamel on glass and metal.  It works best with stroke work.

Our second event will be our December meeting at the Mills.  Come and enjoy the Mills, it is a lovely place to meet, the light is just perfect.  The tables are a little heavy, but the chairs are light.  We will be having a small program, Flo can tell you more about that.

We need a few good people to volunteer for the Borders wrapping on Saturday, December 21st and Sunday, December 22nd.  This is our best money making project.  With the possible $5.00 an hour (if we are lucky) for 6 hours to rent the Mills we will need all the money from our fund raiser.  This is an extra cost we have never experienced.  It is suggested that we take it out of the Treasury.  We, in turn, need a source to replace the money.

The Board has suggested we collect $5 for each paint in and that goes to the Teacher.  Many Chapters have been doing this for years.  Those of you that teach know the work that goes into teaching a project.  This may help a little when we ask a teacher that has a distance to travel.  I have taught at a Chapter that is 90 miles round trip, free.  Think about it.

            Thanks to all of you for your help this year, it was an experience.  See you at Jackies or at the December meeting.  Thanks Fran

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