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Fran's Corner October 2002

I was so glad to hear the Roxanne Jarvis was so successful.  We had 22 people on Saturday for the screen class and 17 on Sunday for the floor cloth. I have had many of you get in touch to say what a wonderful time you had. I am so glad you enjoyed! Roxanne is a very good teacher and she shared so much information with you, which is a sign of a good teacher. As painters we always need to grow, and the way we do that is to share what we know and so it with a big heart. Thanks to Roxanne for a great weekend. Many of you said how touched she was by our chapters hospitality. That is so good to hear. As Chapter members we should work as a team in whatever we do and good news travels fast in our painting world. It is nice to know how pleased she was as the other teachers who come to share with us will look forward to spending that time with our chapter.

Thanks to Flo's son for the great lunch. I hear the cheesecake was a big hit! Thanks to Pat Warrenfeltz, the seminar chair for finding Roxanne for us.  Her job can be a difficult one, I know from personal experience. I also hear the coffee pot has everyone intrigued, must check it out the next time.


We are having a special auction in October. Barbara Johnson, our Ways and Means Chair should be back soon. We also have our millennium program for December. I have signed up our chapter to do a holiday wrapping event at Borders Book Store on Saturday, December 21 st. and on Sunday the 22nd. at 10 AM until 8PM. Please bring your calendar to the October meeting and sign up to help. This event is one of our biggest money making projects. When we earn money for the chapter all of you enjoy the perks. It helps to fund things like seminars. The schedule at Boarders requires two people every two hours. Please sign up for a two hour block, we can overlap some of the hours if need be. We need everyone's help on this project.


At the November Paint In we will draw the winning ticket for the fire screen. Please be sure to turn in your sold ticket stubs. Hold your breath, you could be the lucky winner!


A big thank you to all the members for all the help this year. The fun and fellowship with each one of you is the single thing that makes PVDA a success.


The year has flown by, its been a sad year for our country, lets not forget to keep those who have lost love one's in our prayers and lets look forward to a safe and happy year to come.

Happy Painting,


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