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March 2002 Notes

Habitat for Humanity

Jackie Shaw's March 22nd Habitat for Humanity Dinner and Auction was fantastic!  Do you remember the unpainted birdhouses at Jackie's house during our Christmas party?  Well, they were painted centerpieces at the dinner and people would wander from table to table to place bids on them.  I really wanted the one on my table, but it was already at $150 and my New England background wouldn't allow me to bid.  However, I did bid on an oil painting donated by a gallery and I did get that.

There were a lot of various items for bid including the three ceramic fairies I donated, but the focal point was the birdhouses.  Four of the birdhouses were sold during a live auction.  I was nervous when mine was being auctioned.  I told my husband that since it was the absolute last thing being auctioned, no one would have any money left!  I'm glad to say that I was wrong!  I felt really good about being able to help, albeit in a small way, such a worthwhile cause.  Oh, the lady sitting next to me, an Apple Valley Painter, is the one who bought my fairies!

Several PVDA members helped to paint birdhouses:  Bob Beller, Fran Schmitt, Sally Skene, Mary Steingesser, and Pat Warrenfeltz.

THANK YOU!!!  The total raised by Apple Valley Painters, various friends of Jackie's, and PVDA was $ 4,478.  PVDA members helped to raise $494.

Next year, Jackie's planning on a mailbox theme.  Start thinking of ideas!  Remember, if you don't want to paint a mailbox you can donate anything (new) you want - wreaths, quilts, gift certificates, ...

Lastly, a big THANK YOU to Jackie Shaw for all of the effort she put into the event to make it a financial success!  She has such a big heart!

Christmas in July

Don't forget to bring your Christmas in July finished piece and pattern packet to the April meeting.  Members will vote on which pieces they want to paint in July.  Basically, there will be four pieces chosen.  Each piece will be alloted one hour during the paint-in.  The teacher will be expected to prep each piece before class and to have pattern packets for each student.  The cost is $5.  $1 will go to PVDA and $4 will go to the teacher.  Students can pick and chose classes - you don't have to sign up for all four classes.  Also, some people plan to sign up for all of the classes, but they can't attend that day.  Therefore, it's especially important that the pattern packet be well written and that the picture be clear.

Valentine pops

I know it's old news now,  but since I didn't have a February news page, I just wanted to make sure that I mentioned what a wonderfull job Barbara Johnson did in February.  She made Valentine lolipops for the members to purchase at 25 cents a piece.  Poeple gave each other the pops, like secret Valentines, and it was a hit!  We made about $56.  I know that we could have made even more, but we ran out of pops (yes, this is my excuse for not giving one to everyone I would have liked to!).  Who knew it would be so popular?!

Thank you, Barbara!   XOXO


At the risk of Kathy Keel thinking that I'm full of it, I just want to say what a terrific job she did during the March Magnolia class!  I liked it so much that I went home and painted a bunch more magnolias on various surfaces and sizes.  I'm so glad that she taught the class!  Thank you, Kathy!

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