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Fran's Corner April 2002

I cannot believe it is March, I know winter is not finished with us.  I hope you had a little interest in the February meeting, and a little fun.  How are you doing with your strokes?  Please bring in any projects in which you tried your stroke work in your design.


We have a busy year coming up!  We have the OK to wrap at Borders the day before Mothers Day.  I have also talked to the Manager about a Community Project to be located in the Childrens Corner.


Christmas in July!  Mark your calendars, the April meeting is the dead line for submissions.  April is a big month, we will also select the seminar projects at the April meeting!  Many things are coming upare you ready??


Remember the Convention will be in May and you must have your SDP card to register and attend the Annual Meeting.  Please give me your name if you are going to the Convention.  As in the past, you will receive a voucher for the Banquet and this must be turned in ASAP if you want to sit together as a group.  We want to do this quickly to get a spot near the head tables.


Thank you so much for the birthday cards and the great cake!  (And she doesn't look a year older! Ed.)  Flo sure did a great job, sounds like we all need the recipe.


Thank you all for your hard work it is greatly appreciated. Happy Painting.  As ever, Fran

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