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Fran's Corner August 2002

Summer is here at last; all the beach people must love this time. I am an inside person painting, sewing, ragging and more painting. The Seminar is coming along, the screens have been ordered, the floor cloth also has been ordered.  We have about 21 in the screen class and 18 in the floor cloth class. The screen does not have any prep and floor cloth has very little. We will get the packets about the 3rd week in July that will give us 3-4 weeks to prep. I will have a prep class in my home if needed. Roxanne has painted a small floor cloth, should be here soon. 


I want to thank the Chapter for the donation, for my Convention trip. The leadership meeting opened with breakfast, Presidents were asked to stand; everyone was tossed a plastic bag and was asked to open the package. It was a RED feathered BOA. Betsy Edwards dressed as Queen and the King came into the room with music playing all the Presidents danced around the room, with the King and Queen leading the line. That was fun, after that we had a round table discussion. We had a discussion about judging CDA and MDA boards. Several Presidents talked about things that happened in their chapters.


 This year the theme was newsletters. We had a long discussion on what should be in the newsletter. We were encouraged to ask several members to write an article, take pictures and use members names for the newsletter. Our table was thrilled to hear about our moneymaking talents at Boarders. This was at the top of their notes. The up coming newsletters will have names of members that donated a raffle item, and the winners.  When you win a raffle prize, you bring one the next time. I think that is a fair exchange.


The August meeting was canceled, because of the Seminar. In place we will have a work shop, we have many things to work on. The FIRE SCREEN is coming along; we will have tickets for sale soon.


Bob Beller has painted 100 bookmarks for us. Great job Bob; I will have something else for you soon.

We have another project coming up, a great cause.  Jean Ott will tell you about it at the workshop. Please come we need your help.

Thanks for all you do. Fran          

Thanks again for the Rooster-whoever you are. At the right place, at the right time.    

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