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Fran's Corner June 2002

Here it is spring again, or is it?

Convention: I hope anyone who went to the Convention had a great time. What a treat! How about that trades show? Candy Land! I have finished the chapter banner and it was on display for the whole week we were in Charlotte. (This only happens every 5 years.) We will be able to enjoy it at our meetings afterward.

Upcoming: We have a meeting in June, where Carolyn Martin will be teaching us how she painted a beautiful memory box. And then theres Christmas in July. We will have 4 teachers in one day! Projects are $5.00 each (all supplies will be included). We would like to have a great turn out for that. Then in August we will have Roxanne Jarvis for the Seminar. The classes are $35.00 (includes lunch). The screen is $30.00 with the dome top,

and a regular screen is $25.00. The Floor cloth is $12.00 + shipping. We hope to have a good turn out for the Seminar. Please check your calendar and sign up. We will open the Seminar to other Chapters in the near future.

Personal Note: Please do me a favor and please respond when you hear a request for help. A couple of people cannot run the Chapter successfully; we need help from many members. I know I have a hard time keeping my hand down when help is requested.

I have only had 1 call this year and that was from a new member. Thank you to all those who have helped in the past, and I am looking forward to your assistance again.


Thanks, Fran              

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