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Policy and Guidelines Set by the Membership of PVDA

Seminars are classes contracted by the Potomac View Decorative Artists Chapter with a specific teacher.  Factors determining daily member cost include:  teacher fee, travel expenses and transportation, meals, lodging, miscellaneous expenses such as telephone calls and postage to arrange seminar, as well as supplies required by the teacher to conduct class, etc.  It is preferred that these costs be covered by the daily class fees: if not they may be supplemented by the chapter treasury.

Seminar dates, time, location, daily class fee, surface costs, and registration forms will be published in the chapter newsletter and on the chapter website.  Every effort will be made to have photographs of projects available.


The SEMINAR CHAIR, with the approval of his/her Seminar Committee, will make all contacts with prospective teachers.  Arrangements will be made for two multi-day seminars per calendar year.  Members of PVDA may suggest prospective teachers, mediums or projects for consideration by the Seminar Chair.

  • The Seminar Chair and the Executive Board will recommend seminar teachers to the membership for their approval prior to contracting said teacher.  
  • Seminars will be announced as soon as contracts are signed with an instructor.

Project Selection:  Once a teacher has been contracted, the Seminar Chair, with the approval of the Executive Board, will recommend to the membership a selection of three projects per class day.  Majority vote of the membership will determine final project selection.  Every effort will be made to provide the membership with project options several months in advance of the seminar.  You must be present on the project selection date to vote for your choice.


Registration: is on a first come first served basis once the seminar has been announced.  Registration will be accepted at scheduled Chapter events or via mail approximately three months prior to the seminar.

  • All regular PVDA members have first priority in seminar registration.  Where possible, registration will be opened to non-members.
  • Class size may be limited by the teacher contract and/or available space. 
  • If a seminar is filled, a waiting list will be established and parties will be contacted in the order they were listed, except, in all cases, PVDA members will receive priority contact.
  • Payment of class and any applicable surface fees are DUE at the time of registration for a class.  Seminar class spaces are guaranteed by payment of ALL registration fees.
  • Payment of class and surface fees must be paid in order to secure a space on the waiting list.  If a space does not become available, fees will be returned to the member.

Project Surface:  The surface to be used for each project is determined by the teacher.  Unless otherwise noted, there are no substitutions. 

  • Photos, patterns and instructions will be provided by the instructor as part of the seminar fee.  These are not included with surface fees.
  • Surface fees and class fees are paid separately - by check.  Two checks must be written, one for class fees and one for surface fees.  If one check is written, it will be returned and the member will be asked to send separate checks.
  • Receipts will be provided for all fees paid.

Cancellation:   A drop dead date will be set for full seminar cancellation, depending upon contractual arrangements with individual teachers (usually 30 days prior to the seminar).  If the Chapter does not have enough registrations to cover all seminar costs by the drop dead date, the Executive Board will have the option of canceling the seminar.  All money would then be returned.

  • Any registrant who wants to sell their class space must contact the Seminar Chair to obtain names from the waiting list.  It is the sole responsibility of the registrant to find their replacement from this list.
  • Registrants, who find that they are unable to attend a seminar and cannot sell their class space to a wait-listed registrant, are entitled to receive all written instructions, pictures, etc. provided.


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