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A Gathering of Useful Decorative Painting Information

This page is devoted to useful decorative painting information gathered and compiled by PVDA members. Check back frequently to view updates and new information.

Use :"Better Way Brush Products - Brush Cleaning Fluid and Oil Paint Solvent.  It is  sold at both Michaels and A. C. Morre.  Use the oil paint solvent to remove pattern lines after letting your painted surface cure for 24 hours.

Disappearing lines?
Have you ever traced a pattern on using white graphite and find that the lines were just too faint for you to see and your heart would drop, as you knew you were going to have to retrace the whole thing once again, or go to black graphite which you didn't want to do? Well, grab yourself a film canister or small container, go to your washing machine lint trap, take out a piece of lint and place it "lovingly" into the film canister as this is to become your "new friend". If you don't have any lint but there are traces of dust somewhere in your house, (something painters ALWAYS have, at least I do) this could also be used. Trace a bit onto a piece of take a piece of your clean lint and rub it over the graphite lines.....if needed  LIGHTLY, with a brush, fan over the top.....can you see the lines now???????? Submitted by Jean Ott