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Further Information About Wipe On Varnishes
JW Etc's WIPE ON (Manufactured by JW etc. 2205 First Street, Suite 103 Simi Valley, California 93065 )
After making sure the object(s) to be varnished are clean, dust free and dry, take your lint free rag and pour a liberal amount of varnish onto it. Simply wipe over the surface of the object. The rag allows you to get in the small cracks but still easily wipes away any drips. Wipe-On dries crystal clear in a few minutes. Dry film is clear and odorless. Put on as many coats as you like. Wash your rag with soap and water or just throw it away. JW etc's WIPE-ON Varnish can be used over just about any finish to renew and rejuvenate.
No brushes
No brush marks to worry about
Simply wipe on and let dry
Goes over most surfaces
Fast drying time
Easily protects underlying surface
Soap and water clean-up
State of the art formula
Suggested for indoor use
Non toxic, water based
Low lustre
Final Coat (Manufactured by SPC Inc, 1433 Erin Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3E 2S9 Canada)
Developed with the KISS Philosophy in mind ( Keep It Simple Sweetheart) Final Coat provides a Durable, and Virtually flawless finish when applied in the following manner:
  1. pour or spray a small amount of Final Coat into a damp cotton cloth ( old t-shirts are perfect)
  2. gently WIPE the surface you wish to finish.
  3. allow the surface to dry ( 3 to 5 minutes under ideal conditions)
  4. apply another coat
  5. continue in this manner until you achieve the finish you desire
For staining Raw Wood:
  1. mix several drops of acrylic paint, UTC, or dry pigments to Final Coat and apply as directed above until the depth of color you desire is achieved
  2. apply a few coats of clear Final Coat for a final finish
  3. can also be used to alter the look of existing finishes like cabinetry or furniture
For the Decorative Painter or Crafter:
Final Coat can be applied to virtually any surface , to seal and protect your Art Work.
On Painted surfaces: For delicate line work , washes or over dark colors , TAP on the first coat of Final Coat , allow it to dry then apply 3 to 5 coats with the Wipe on method.
Use Final Coat to seal Candles prior to painting , allow it to dry and paint as usual , for a beautiful Glass like finish after painting , tap on one coat then wipe on several coats , allowing each to dry before applying the next.
Tint Final Coat with acrylic paint, the color is your choice, and use it as an antiqueing medium. This technique offers you tremendous control and versatility , as you work UP to the finish you want!
Final Coat is excellent over Genesis Heat set oils. Simply wipe Final Coat over fully cured and dry paint.
non yellowing , no cracking, peeling, or blistering
no bubbles, no drips, no runs, no brush marks
low odour, non toxic water cleanup
no brushes or special applicators, no sanding no waiting
fast drying , apply several coats in minutes

Flo's Finishing Facts (page two)

Flo's Finishing Facts