Flo's Finishing Facts (page two)
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Tips for Finishing
  • Buy small quantities - fresh is best.
  • Avoid using different types of finishes on the same project. IE: avoid using spray and brush varnishes on the same piece. Don't mix varnish and lacquers. Some combinations cause crackling, blistering and peeling
  • A thicker protective layer can be built up more quickly with a brush than with a spray.
  • Allow adequate drying and curing time between coats. Sand lightly between coats.
  • Avoid varnishing in damp or cold weather conditions. This can create "bloom" on a piece.
  • Work in as near a dust free room as possible. Use tack cloth between coats.
  • Remove all dust or lint on a piece before beginning. See Jackie Shaw's Big Book of Decorative Painting for a recipe for home made tack cloths.
  • Use a clear gloss varnish for a first coat to protect colors and prevent dulling. After 2 - 3 coats, with sanding, a satin or matte finish may be applied.
  • Sir - DO NOT shake. Thin NOT thick. Synthetic taklon NOT foam brushes
  • Pour amount of varnish needed into small container. Dip brush in varnish and allow excess to drip off. Do NOT wipe brush on lid of container - this can lead to bubbles. Do NOT overload the brush.
  • Face into a light source when applying varnish.
  • Hold piece at different angles and levels to check for drips, sags, or missed spots. Run your finger under the bottom to wipe away drips.
  • Work with a wet edge.
  • Apply the first coat vertically and the second coat horizontally.
Wet Sanding
Use 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Dip paper in water, rub lightly over a bar of soap or drizzle with a couple drops of liquid soap. Sand lightly with the grain. Rinse soap off with a soft, damp cloth. Remove all soap before proceeding to the next coat. Repeat varnish coat and wet sand 2 - 3 more times. Do not sand after the last coat of varnish.
Apply finishing wax with a #0000 steel wool pad. Let dry 15 - 30 minutes. Buff to a beautiful finish. You may use any good grade furniture or floor wax, JW etc Finishing Wax, or neutral shoe polish.

Flo's Finishing Facts (page three)

Flo's Finishing Facts