June 2002
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Thanks to everyone who contributed raffle items for the April meeting!  Congratulations to the winners! Remember, if you won an item, you are expected to contribute the next time. The raffle is our way of making money and I encourage everyone to contribute. The Chapter can only grow if the members all work to support it. Every member has a talent to share and the more one paints, the better one gets!


Thank you to Hilary White for a fun project.  We all learned some useful blending techniques and had a good introduction to Jo Sonja paints. The eagle was surprisingly easy thanks to Hilary's teaching.


The June meeting will combine learning an interesting quilted look technique with a community service project as we paint memory boxes. Carolyn Martin will share her talents with us as instructor. I am looking forward to it. Plan to be there.


Please consider volunteering for a committee and please remember to contribute a raffle item for the June meeting.


Pat Benanti and her husband have donated a lovely wrought iron fireplace screen for our Special Raffle item. Charles has even volunteered to put it together after we all paint the panels.  Your generosity is appreciated.


On a personal note, I am grateful for the get-well cards and calls while I was undergoing some rather painful procedures to get rid of a kidney stone and an attempt to evaluate a kidney problem. I'm afraid I am not quite through with the solution.  Painting friends are great.


See you in June. Use your brushes and paint  up a storm!  Flo

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